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Paediatric respiratory service

Children's Services (Paediatrics)

The Paediatric Respiratory Team provides care for children with respiratory conditions across Cambridgeshire and the East of England. Our multidisciplinary team cares for patients admitted to our hospitals, as well as running specialised outpatient clinics in clinic 6 and in some shared-care facilities across the region. We are also a research centre and are committed to finding the best and most effective treatments and interventions for patients

Urgent advice: Covid-19 - Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis and Respiratory Team


Our Cystic Fibrosis and Respiratory Team is currently experiencing an unprecedented volume of calls. If you need to contact the team for information, please consider emailing:

You will now be aware that your child or young person should be shielded according to the latest government guidance (

In light of coronavirus (COVID-19) we have made the following adjustments to our upcoming clinics in order to limit footfall through the hospital and to offer your young person some protection by keeping them at home as much as possible.

Cystic Fibrosis and Lung Defence

All routine CF and Lung Defence clinics and Annual Reviews from Monday 16th March will be replaced with a telephone consultation.

Please keep your clinic appointment time free, and you will be called within a three hour window of your original appointment time. This excludes patients with Thursday Annual Review appointments who will be called Thursday afternoons between 14:00 and 17:00. Telephone clinics will also have SOS slots for urgent enquiries. These slots will be allocated according to clinical need. You may also be asked to provide a cough swab or sputum sample from your young person and these will be posted out to you for return by post.

During the telephone consultation you will have the opportunity to speak to any or all of the CF team as is deemed necessary.

We will be postponing Annual Review tests for the time being. Annual Review consultations will be modified but maintained as part of a telephone consultation.

If your child or young person with CF or lung problem becomes unwell with a cough and/or fever, we would advise that in addition to initiating NHS isolation measures:

  • Standard care is maintained
  • Oral antibiotics are commenced 
  • A cough swab or sputum should be sent in for (CF) culture as you would normally do
  • The Respiratory and CF team should be made aware that your young person is ill via the usual channels
  • It is crucial that chest physiotherapy is maintained 

Screening for coronavirus will NOT be undertaken by the CF Clinic. It is undertaken via the NHS 111 service.

A hospital review by the Respiratory Team is warranted if the child remains symptomatic after 1 week of oral antibiotics and/or are deteriorating i.e. worsening cough, +/- shortness of breath, +/- chest tightness, +/- chest pain, +/- increased sputum production. 

If you bring your young person to Addenbrooke’s, they may be asked to wear a mask. If they do require admission, they will likely require isolation for the first 48 hours as a minimum. One parent will be allowed to stay with their child in the isolation ward.

If your young person needs a portacath flushed that cannot be undertaken by the Community Nursing Team, we will make appropriate arrangements for you.

We thank you for your patience during this time; we will update you all when new information is available.

Helpful links

Please take time to read the latest UKCFMA statement on the CF Trust website .

Please take time to read the guidance on the NHS 111 website in relation to the COVID-19 infection.

Respiratory Team 

Advice and information for children seen in the paediatric respiratory clinics: 

  • Travel within the UK is unrestricted. If you require foreign travel advice, we advise you consult
  • Hand hygiene should be maintained with good handwashing techniques, soap and water. Alcohol gel is acceptable.
  • Flu like symptoms should be treated as per your asthma action plan or respiratory care plan (if you have one). 
  • If you think your child may have symptoms due to coronavirus (COVID-19) then please follow the advice on the NHS website and complete the NHS 111 form
  • Surgical masks do not provide heightened protection for you or your child. However, if your child is symptomatic they may be asked to wear one to protect others from getting an infection

Conditions we treat include: Asthma & complex asthma, Complex respiratory disorders, Cystic fibrosis, Non-CF bronchiectasis, Immunodeficiency disorders and respiratory problems related to or due to immunodeficiency, Long Term Ventilation, Sleep breathing-related disorders, Recurrent chest infections in children with complex medical needs, especially those with neuromuscular conditions or cerebral palsy, Respiratory problems related to cleft palate, scoliosis or other surgical issues, Pneumothoraces.

We also provide a number of special investigations which include: Regional Flexible Bronchoscopy service, Home Overnight oxygen saturation studies, In-Patient (cardiorespiratory) Sleep studies, Lung Function Testing including FeNO, Sweat Chloride Testing,