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Long Term Ventilation (LTV) Service

The Long Term Ventilation (LTV) Team works jointly with the paediatric Ear, Nose and Throat team, Tracheostomy Nursing team and Speech and Language Therapist to deliver a Multi-disciplinary approach to Long Term Ventilation and complex airways. They are a specialised area of the paediatric respiratory team working acutely within the hospital but also out in the community.

The team provide expert clinical care for paediatric patients requiring long term ventilation and complex airways (across the East Anglia region, home, hospice settings and Addenbrooke’s). The team provide education and training in Long Term Ventilation, tracheostomy and complex airway care to patients, families, carers and clinicians across the East of England.

They also work closely with health and social care providers across the region to help obtain the best possible support for children and families.