Preparing to leave hospital

Time and date of leaving

We will discuss discharge plans with you on your admission and on each day you're in hospital. We aim to have you ready to leave hospital before lunch on your day of discharge.

If you, your relatives or carers have any questions about leaving hospital please ask the ward staff. If you need to make any special arrangements before you leave please let us know.

What do I need to do?

When you leave please ensure you have all your belongings including any valuables from the hospital safe. Have a bag and suitable outdoor wear ready to go home. Remember to return your bedside locker key and ensure you have any medications or equipment you may need.


We will confirm whether you need any medications to take home and provide suffcient supplies if needed. We will explain your medications to you, identify potential side effects and discuss with you how to obtain further supplies.

For further information about your medications please call the Patient Medications Helpline on 01223 274 616 (open Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm) or NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or

On the day of discharge

We will give you:

  • a discharge letter detailing your care and treatment
  • medications or equipment as required.

We may ask you to vacate your bed so it can be prepared for another patient. Patients can wait in our Addenbrooke's discharge unit on ward J3, until they are ready to leave.

Follow-up appointments

If you need a follow-up appointment, we will make this before you leave or write to you.

Help after you leave

During your stay you may speak to a social worker, care manager, discharge planning specialist nurse, dietitian or therapist. Together we help plan ongoing support for you on your discharge from hospital.

We may lend you hospital equipment to use at home. When you no longer need it, please return it (as directed) so we can use it for other patients.


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Helping you prepare to leave hospital