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Rearrange or cancel a planned stay in hospital

It's your appointment... take care to be there

Every year thousands of people fail to keep their appointments. If we have no warning, we can't give the slot to someone else who really wants it.

This really matters to us. It is costly for the hospital and wastes staff time and resources. Most of all it impacts on the length of time others have to wait for their appointments.

If you cannot make your appointment, no longer need it or want to rearrange it please let us know. Use the grey links on the left.

Let us know by phone

If you can't attend for an operation or other booked stay in hospital for any reason, please phone the number on your appointment card between 0900 and 1630

Please have your appointment letter or card to hand as you will be asked for your hospital number.

If your appointment was arranged through Choose & Book you can rearrange on Telephone: 0345 608 8888 (Textphone: 0845 8502250)