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Hospedia, our bedside system

All patients have access to Hospedia's easy to use bedside system, giving access to telephone, films and internet.

Our bedside terminal provider, Hospedia, has changed some of their pricing for services;

  • Outbound calls are free (but limited for calls to mobiles)
  • Outbound landline calls to 01/02/03 numbers are free and unlimited.
  • Calls to mobiles are free, but capped at 2 minutes, with no limit on the number of times each mobile number is called.
  • Inbound calls to patients from relatives will incur costs.

If a person calls a patient from a landline or mobile, Hospedia charges 13p per minute to cover the cost of running the service. However, the person calling may be charged up to 78p per minute because your network operator charges up to 65p per minute. Hospedia never receives more than 13p per minute.

Free radio services

TV services

Channels 1 – 5 and Freeview channels are free for patients via the Hospedia bedside units, along with reduced cost for movies, should patients wish to utilise this facility.

A list of additional TV products available for purchase is shown below:

  • Movies & more 1 day for £5.00
  • Movies & more 3 day for £10.00
  • Movies & more 5 day for £15.00
  • BT Sport 1 day for £10.90
  • BT Sport 3 day for £25.90
  • Audio Books – 1 day for £4.00
  • Audio Books – 2 day for £5.00
  • Audio Books – 5 day for £7.50
  • Audio Books – 7 day for £10.00
  • Audio Books – 14 day for £15.00
  • Audio Books – 30 day for £20.00

Please note: it is not possible to make international telephone calls from Hospedia's bedside system. There are public pay telephones situated in the main concourse.


Payment is by cash or credit card.

To pay with cash, you will need to purchase a Hospedia card. There are five vending machines within the hospital:

  • Near ward A3
  • Main concourse
  • C&D lifts on level 2
  • Rosie level 2 on the corridor between the Rosie Hospital and ATC,
  • Near ward L

To pay by credit card at the bedside simply:

  • pick up the phone and press the customer care team icon on screen and they will be happy to help

If you wish to buy credit for yourself or for someone in hospital from home, call the customer care team.