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About the ward: 

This state-of-the-art, 8-bed inpatient unit with a day unit attached is the principal treatment centre for 14- to 24-year-olds with cancer in East Anglia. Thanks to support from the local community, Teenage Caner Trust raised £2.9m towards the construction of the unit, and the Trust contributed £800,000.

This money has created a “home from home” environment in which specialist staff are able to care for young people in an appealing and appropriate environment.. The unit includes:

  • 5 x single en-suite beds – 2 hepa filtered - and 1 x 3 bed bays
  • Social zone with ward kitchen and dining area
  • Chill out pod and relatives room
  • Hub room, quiet room and ward kitchen. 

Dr Helen Hatcher, consultant oncologist at Cambridge University Hospitals, said: “Evidence shows that a dedicated unit staffed by specialist consultants and nurses results in better survival rates and faster recovery. Past and present patients have had significant input into the facility’s design and we hope it will not only provide the right care and support while undergoing treatment, but it will allow teenagers to be teenagers.”

The unit is expected to treat around 200 patients a year, and is staffed by nurses, healthcare assistants, a ward clerk and specialist doctors.

Finding us: 

Ward C9 is on level 9 of the hospital.

From the main hospital entrance turn right and head towards the concourse and then turn left. Walk past the hairdressers. You will see sign posts for C and D wards. Take the lift to level 9. When you exit the lift turn left, left again and C9 will be in front of you.

For security, there is an intercom at the ward door.

If you are attending the hospital on a regular basis, please speak to a member of staff about parking discounts.


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