Ward D2 - children's surgical and medicine

Ward D2 has 22 beds. We look after children aged from a few days old until their 16th birthday. We are a surgical ward and most of our patients will have planned or emergency surgery under the care of a variety of surgical specialty teams. These include neurosurgery, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, maxillofacial and ophthalmology, general abdominal and urology surgery.

Visiting times

Open visiting for close family members.

When your child has visitors, please be considerate of other patients, who may be feeling very unwell; a lot of noise or commotion may prevent them from resting. Visitors are kindly requested not to sit on the patient's bed.

Because space is limited and to reduce infection, we do not allow cut flowers on the ward. Any flowers delivered will be placed in the day room.

To help us prevent the spread of any infections, please ask visitors to use the hand rub at the entrance to the ward on arrival and on leaving.

Please be aware that visitors may be asked to leave at any time to enable important care to be delivered.

Visiting times leaflet


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About the ward: 

On arrival your allocated nurse will show you around the ward and ask for information about your child. You will be allocated a bed and you will have the opportunity to sleep next to your child. Please note that we can only accommodate one parent to sleep on the ward. Please ask your nurse about alternative accommodation if necessary. 

You're child will be looked after by a team of doctors led by a consultant. On certain days the whole team will see you during what's known as the 'consultant ward round' and you'll have daily visits from at least one member of the team. Please note you may not see your consultant everyday.

 These visits aren't just for them to tell you and your child things - they're an opportunity for you to tell them how you're child is feeling and ask any questions you may have. 

Whenever a healthcare professional comes to see you during your stay, they should explain what they're doing or plan to do. If they don't - or you don't understand what they've said - don't be afraid to ask them to explain.

An accompanying adult must be present when any child is seen or examined by health professionals in the Trust. 

Many hospitals train student doctors on the rounds. If at any time you'd prefer they weren't present during an examination, let one of the nurses or doctors know.

Our staff will let you know in advance when your child is likely to be discharged from the ward and will discuss going home with you. You will be given a supply of medication the hospital doctor has prescribed and possibly a list to pass on to your GP.

The hospital doctors may want to see your child in their outpatient clinic at a later date

The ward has the following facilities: 

  • A parent/carer's bed is found next to every child's bed. We can only accommodate one parent/carer on the ward
  • We have a playroom, a room for teenagers and a parents' room on the ward
  • At the ward entrance, there is a vending machine for Hospedia cards (for bedside TV and telephone use)
  • Post is delivered twice a day to the ward. Outgoing post can be placed in the out tray on the reception desk
  • Toilets on the wards are for the use of patients only. Toilets for visitors' use are situated at the ward entrance
Finding us: 

Ward D2 is on level 2 (ground floor) of the hospital.

From the main hospital entrance: in the reception area turn right onto the main concourse. Turn left and go towards and past the main ward lifts. The entrance to ward D2 is on the right hand side.

For security, there is an intercom at the ward door.

If your child is likely to be hospitalised for two weeks or more, you can get a discounted parking ticket from the main reception. This allows you to exit from the car parks for 14 consecutive days from the day you validate the ticket.

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