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Audiology is concerned with the science of hearing and balance, particularly diagnostic testing and the rehabilitation of hearing-impaired individuals.

Finding us

From the outpatients entrance: go through the outpatients reception area. Turn right onto the main corridor leading to the hospital concourse. Immediately turn left. Clinic 10 is located at the end of the corridor.

Hearing aid repair clinic

This service operates on a ticketing system - you do not need to make an appointment, simply ask the receptionist for a repair number.

Audiology contact details

01223 217797
01223 586912

Box: 94
Cambridge University Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust
Hills Road

Audiology news

Could an arthritis drug help fight against depression?

Researchers in Cambridge are investigating whether a drug commonly used to treat arthritis could help some of the millions of people who suffer from depression.

Addenbrooke’s eye specialist helps inform WHO’s first report into vision

An Addenbrooke’s eye specialist who helped inform the first World Health Organization (WHO) vision report said he was surprised at figures showing more than one billion people are still living with treatable conditions despite huge developments in eye care globally