Skin cancer service

Skin cancer service
Box: 46
Clinic 7
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Hills Road
CB2 0QQ 

Tel: 01223 348156

Appointments and enquiries:

Plastic surgery and dermatology appointments:
01223 216234 (clinic 7 reception)

Problems or advice following plastic surgery:
01223 348509 (plastic surgery unit)

Oncology appointments:
01223 216552 (oncology reception)

24 hour oncology helpline:
01223 274224
(cancer assessment unit or oncology ward out of hours)

The multidisciplinary team (MDT)

Following a diagnosis of a skin cancer, you will receive support and treatment from the skin cancer team.  This team is also referred to as the multi-disciplinary team (MDT).  Meetings are held once a week to plan treatment for skin cancer patients based on the best evidence and the experience of the team members. 

Members of the MDT include; 

  • An MDT co-ordinator who provides clerical support. 
  • A Histopathologist who makes the diagnosis of skin cancer by looking at cells under a microscope. 
  • Dermatology Consultants 
  • Plastic Surgery Consultants 
  • Oncology Consultants 
  • Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses 

The Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse (your Keyworker)

You are likely to meet several members of the MDT during your treatment. A named Keyworker will help co-ordinate your care and act as a link between you and other members of the MDT. This is usually the role of the Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse. 

As well as being your point of contact to the MDT, the Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse can offer information, advice and support at any point. This may include; 

  • Information about investigations, procedures and treatments. 
  • Practical advice on a wide variety of issues ranging from symptom management to financial concerns. 
  • Emotional support.   

The Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse can also help patients access other specialist health care services should this be considered appropriate. 

Your Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses are Vicky McMorran, Emma Cargill and Jenny White. Caroline Hough is the Plastic Surgery Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse.

Direct phone number: 01223 348156 

When we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message on the answer phone and we will return your call as soon as possible.  If your call is urgent, our answer phone message will direct you to other services in the hospital. 

If you prefer to contact us via email:

If you wish to discuss any confidential or medical information with us, please ask for an email consent form.  This can be scanned into your hospital records to show that you give permission for us to communicate with you via email.  This is because we cannot ensure the security of any information that is sent in this way.

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