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Local and national organisations offering support for children and young people with hearing loss

Patient information A-Z

Who is the leaflet for and what is its aim?

This leaflet is for paediatric audiology patients who are looking for information about local and national organisations offering services, support and opportunities for children and young people with hearing loss.

What services, support and opportunities may be available?

  • Activities and events
  • Campaign networks
  • D / deaf clubs
  • Equipment advice
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Help lines
  • Home support
  • Information support
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Web forums

NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society) (opens in a new tab)

BUZZ (opens in a new tab)

The first website dedicated to deaf children and young people aged 8–18.

Cambridge and Huntingdon Deaf Children’s Society

Email Cambridge and Huntingdon Deaf Children’s Society

Bedfordshire Deaf Children’s Society

Email Bedfordshire NDCS group

Essex Deaf Children’s Society

Email Essex NDCS group

Ipswich Deaf Children’s Society

Email Ipswich NDCS group

Norfolk Deaf Children’s Society (opens in a new tab)

Email Norfolk NDCS group

Peterborough and District Deaf Children’s Society (opens in a new tab)

Email Peterborough NDCS group

Phoenix Group for Deaf Children (Hertfordshire) (opens in a new tab)

Email Phoenix Group

West Suffolk Deaf Children’s Society

Email West Suffolk NDCS group

Cambridge Deaf Association (opens in a new tab)

Cambridgeshire Hearing Help (opens in a new tab)

British Tinnitus Association (opens in a new tab)

Cambridge Tinnitus Support Group (British Tinnitus Association) (opens in a new tab)

Phone: 01223 243570

RNID (The Royal National Institute for Deaf People) (opens in a new tab)

Connevans (deaf equipment retailer) (opens in a new tab)

Auditory Verbal UK (provider of Auditory Verbal therapy) (opens in a new tab)

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