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Step 3: Recovery

The entire multi-disciplinary team work together to ensure that your stay at Addenbrooke’s is as comfortable and streamlined as possible.

The team of experienced nurses are responsible for your general care after surgery, they will provide hands on day to day care and will co-ordinate you stay in hospital, liaising with other members of the multi-disciplinary team to ensure a safe, uncomplicated recovery and timely discharge from Addenbrooke’s.

The physiotherapists carry out a plan of rehabilitation tailored specifically for your individual needs.

Growing evidence suggests that you make a quicker recovery for surgery if you are assisted out of bed as soon as possible. Initially you will sit in the chair and take a few steps. Over the next few days you will progress to walking to the toilet and attending a rehabilitation programme.

The aim of the treatment plan is to help you regain your independence and ensure that you can walk with sticks or other appropriate walking aids as required and climb stairs.

Step 2: Surgery

Step 4: Discharge