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Step 2: Surgery

All patients are admitted on the day of surgery directly to ward J3. Pre-surgery will aim to phone you two days prior to your surgery, to give you a few details such as what time to come in and when you can eat and drink.

You will be admitted about two hours before your planned operation time, and during this interval the pre surgery staff will go through some last minute preparations and you meet your surgeon and anaesthetist.

Personal belongings are packed up by the nurses and taken to the ward where you will be spending the next few days.

Immediately following surgery you will be moved to the recovery area where you will recover from your anaesthetic. This will usually be between two-four hours, after which you will be moved to either C8 or D8 ward for the remainder of you stay.

Patients with complex medical needs may stay in recovery for longer, where they are looked after by specialist nurses. 

Step 1: Pre Assessment

Step 3: Recovery