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Step 4: Discharge

Arrangements for your discharge from hospital start at your pre operative assessment visit.

From the answers to your questionnaire, the discharge team understand your circumstances at home and provide any equipment needed, such as a raised toilet seat for patients undergoing hip surgery.  If more support is required, then intermediate care nursing support or physiotherapy is organised and provided by your local Primary Care Trust (PCT). Many patients manage very well without additional support, but with the help of family members and friends.

Depending on your individual circumstances, your discharge coordinator will confirm with your family or your local PCT, the planned date for your departure from Addenbrooke’s.  You will be given a supply of medication to take home and a six week appointment to see your consultant at your local hospital. Further discharge information and contact numbers are in your information pack.

Most patients go home on their third day and follow a 3-day patient pathway which will be given to you at pre-assessment. This, of course, depends on your specific circumstances.

Step 3: Recovery

Step 5: Home and follow up