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Meet the CASEE team

Communication Aid Service East of England (CASEE)

CASEE is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of highly specialised experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds including physical disability specialist settings, adult learning disability settings, schools for children with a variety of special educational needs, community clinics, acute hospitals, rehabilitation centres, residential care homes and specialist assistive technology settings.

Meet our team

  • Service lead - Helen Murphy - Speech and language therapist
  • Deputy lead - Catherine Hale - Speech and language therapist

Advanced specialist speech and language therapists

  • Charlotte Akrigg
  • Rachael Baltrusaite
  • Hannah Blandford
  • Lisa Morsley

Advanced specialist occupational therapists

  • Amy Bell
  • Rachael Green
  • Alex Kruczynska
  • Lucy Talbot

  • Advisory teacher - Joseph Doran
  • Clinical scientist - Tom Griffiths
  • Rehabilitation engineer - Rob Smith
  • Clinical technician - Jenny Druce
  • Technician - Rubi Akthar
  • CASEE MEL administrator - Peter Flack
  • Secretary - Jennifer Deacon