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Meet the CASEE team

CASEE is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of highly specialised experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds including physical disability specialist settings, adult learning disability settings, schools for children with a variety of special educational needs, community clinics, acute hospitals, rehabilitation centres, residential care homes and specialist assistive technology settings.

Meet our team

All appointments generally include at least two professionals from the CASEE team, working together with clients and colleagues in our local areas. Over the course of CASEE input, the combination of professionals involved from our multi-disciplinary team may vary, in order to provide what is appropriate and most beneficial for an individual and their communication needs.

Our team includes:

  • Service Lead (Speech and language therapist)
  • Deputy service lead (speech and language therapist)
  • Advanced specialist speech and language therapists
  • Advanced specialist occupational therapists
  • Advisory teacher
  • Healthcare scientist
  • Clinical technicians
  • Rehabilitation engineer
  • Equipment administrator
  • Secretary