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Hon Consultant Medical Oncologist
  • Breast cancer

Professor Helena Earl was appointed to the University of Cambridge, as clinical lecturer and Consultant in Medical Oncology in 1996. She was promoted to Reader in Clinical Cancer Medicine at the University in 2007 for her work in clinical and translational research in breast cancer. This includes leadership roles (Chief Investigator-CI) on the following multi-centre NCRN clinical trials:

NEAT adjuvant (Co-CI), Neo-TANGO neoadjuvant (CI), PERSEPHONE adjuvant (CI), and ARTemis neoadjuvant (Co-CI). Translational Cambridge studies in collaboration include NEAT-Science, TANGO-Science, Trans-PERSEPHONE, and Neo-TANGO-Science. Local clinical/translational studies within the Cambridge Breast Research Unit include: DIAMOND – imaging neoadjuvant study; MONET – neoadjuvant endocrine therapy (CI); and ARTiST – neoadjuvant endocrine therapy +/- sunitinib (CI). She is also an active trial management group member for the following adjuvant breast cancer trials: ABC, aTTom, TACT and tAnGo.

Professor Earl has collaborative research links with the Universities of Birmingham, Warwick, and Edinburgh in the UK, and Internationally with the Institut National du Cancer (INCa) in France, and with the Unversity of Modena (Italy).

Current grant income for clinical and translational research in collaboration is over £14M. She has published 114 peer-reviewed original papers and 167 abstracts from National and International meetings. She has also contributed 22 book chapters, book reviews and articles for patients.