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You Made a Difference team award - December

12 January 2018
A compassionate team of people who worked to ensure an elderly married couple could spend their dying days together in hospital, has been recognised with a “You Made a Difference” team award.

A married couple were being cared for at the end of their lives on ward G4, which specialises in caring for elderly patients. Staff worked together to co-ordinate a bed move so that the husband and wife could spend time together, as they were both very weak and frail. Their hospital beds were moved together so the couple could hold hands, for what turned out to be the last time.

The team on G4 is made up of a range of staff, including nurses, healthcare assistants, cleaners, consultants, junior doctors, and therapists.

The G4 team believe that good end of life care is a vital part of caring for older people, and they understand how distressing it can be to see a loved one at the end of their life. Good, honest communications with patients and their families is vital, and allows patients to retain control and choice about their care and treatment wherever possible.