You Made a Difference awards - February

22 March 2018
Healthcare assistant receives outstanding nomination at You Made a Difference Awards

Yuko Grief was the recipient of one of this month's You Made a Difference Awards, for her kind hearted nature to a patient and her mother.    

An extract from the winning nomination said the following “My daughter has dystonia as well as other issues and whilst she was an inpatient on Ward M4, I was on the phone to her and I realised instinctively she was about to have a seizure. Yuko ran down to her room, and continuing to reassure her, put pillows around her and never left her side until the neuro team arrived. Yuko then rang the hospital where the baclofen pump had been fitted to get further advice and arrange for the pump to be checked as there was a possibility that it may have been leaking and not delivering baclofen to my daughter’s brain. Lastly, and I think equally importantly, before Yuko went off duty she gave my daughter a big hug. I hope she achieves this award, she truly deserves it.”

When presented with the award Yuko said “I would just like to thank my team for creating a great working environment and always supporting me in what I do”.

Yuko started work in the Trust in 2010. Earlier this month Yuko completed a degree in Adult Nursing with the Open University and is due to become a staff nurse in the upcoming months.


Physiotherapy assistant that helped a patient through the impossible

Sheila Shorter was nominated for her commitment and dedication to her role; always incorporating what she learns into the care of patients.

An extract from the winning nomination said “Feeling very sorry for myself in a hospital bed, I was staring at the ceiling knowing my legs would never work again and then I heard Sheila say “we are going to help you stand”. Together with a colleague they helped me sit on the side of the bed whilst they brought me over a zimmer frame. Sheila was so full of praise. She even told me “if you feel like you are going to wobble over lean my way and I will catch you”. Sheila never stopped encouraging me and giving me the inner strength that I needed – even on my darkest days, of which there were many. Every time she passed by my door she would smile and give me the thumbs up. Her smile and enthusiasm were so infectious! Sheila has helped me get my laugh and spark back and I am looking forward to each day again. I cannot thank this lady enough for all her hard work. Thank you with all my heart”

Sheila said the following about her outstanding nomination “I was just like to thank everyone for putting up with me and working well as a team”

Sheila started working at CUH in 2009 as a healthcare assistant where she worked around the Trust before moving into radiology as a radiology assistant, Sheila then began her role as physiotherapy assistant in September 2016.


Nominations for February 

Vivienne Bilbe, Clinic Clerk/Receptionist, Outpatients Services
For taking time for patients and their relatives and putting them at ease                                                                              

Lindsey Brecken, Staff Nurse, Gynaecology
For always putting your patients at the heart of all you do                                                                            

Regina Brown, Contact Centre Agent, Contact Centre
For going above and beyond with your help and dedication                                                                         

Krishna Chatterjee, Honorary Consultant, Thyroid Clinic
For your excellence and professionalism towards patients and providing a shining example of a healthcare professional                                                    

Chris Constant, Locum Consultant, Trauma and Orthopaedics
For your personal care and experienced judgement                                                                                    

July Da Silva Araujo, Sister, Medical Decisions Unit
For always making an effort in the care of your patients                                                                              

Nicola Day, Senior Clinical Specialist Practitioner, Physiotherapy
For treating patients as individuals and for the care and attention you provide                                                                                

Kaat De Backer, Midwife, Midwife Led Baby Unit
For showing the true meaning of care, compassion, kindness and professionalism                                                                        

Heather Edwards, Vascular and MDT Pathway Coordinator, General Surgery
For taking ownership of a problem and being an asset to the hospital                                                                                 

Robert Emmerson, Ward Clerk, Ward L4
For being the backbone of your ward and helping all staff                                                                           

Neil Featherstone, Consultant, Paediatric Surgery
For putting parents' mind at rest and your professionalism                                                                           

Charlene Floate, Healthcare Assistant, Ward C8       x2 nominations
For brightening your ward with your happy character and going out of your way to make patients comfortable                                                    

Julie Holgate, Midwife, Staff Bank (Rosie Vaccination Clinic)
For making patients feel welcome and keeping then well-informed when attending clinic                                                              

Emily Hough, Staff Nurse, Charles Wolfson Ward
For assisting and supporting a Mum and her baby                                                                           

Karrie Jerman, Medical Secretary, Breast Screening
For your professionalism and empathy when communicating with patients                                                                        

Beverley Johnson, Medical Secretary, Breast Screening
For your professionalism and empathy when communicating with patients                                                                        

Adamantia Kalampoki, Nurse (awaiting PIN), Ward G3
For going above and beyond to provide high quality care and support to your patients                                                                               

Senthoran  Kanthasamy, Speciality Registrar, Trauma and Orthopaedics
For your help and professionalism                                                                                   

Annie Keena, Healthcare Assistant, Clinic 4
For always going above and beyond for staff and patients with your support and positive attitude                                                                         

Lucy Kroon, Staff Nurse, Ward D9
For your care and attention, taking time to listen to your patients                                                                                                                             

Claire Luck, Junior Sister, Pre-Assessment Centre
For going above and beyond, maintaining a calm and supportive influence in your team 

Susan Mott, Appointment Centre Clerk
For your thorough explanations, directions and support to people entering the hospital                                                                              

Tylan Muncy, Honorary Clinical Fellow, Emergency Department
For considering your patient's decisions and allowing them to understand their diagnosis                                                                          

Fiona Murphy, Midwife, Delivery Unit/Clinic 23
For being friendly and reassuring                                                                              

Fabio Perez, Staff Nurse, Ward F6
For reducing patients' stress by being kind and thoughtful                                                                           

Catia Pinto da Silva Portocarrero, Staff Nurse, Ward M5
For supporting both your colleagues and the ward to ensure safe cover over the holiday period                                                                           

Stephanie Poll, Healthcare Assistant, Staff Bank
For going out of your way to care for your patients and help staff                                                                           

Estrella Rapadas Garce, Junior Sister, Ward R2
For going above and beyond to look after your patients                                                                               

Kirsty Smith, Junior Sister, Emergency Department
For continuing to look after and support your patients after your shift had ended                                                                            

Anisa Vrapi, Nurse (awaiting PIN), Ward G3
For your reliability and making patients smile                                                            

Richard Wallis, Trainee Epic Analyst, eHospital
For your prompt response to a change request                                                                                    

Brian Ward, Quality Monitoring Officer, Quality & Safety Governance
For your hard work to ensure service delivery in difficult circumstances                                                                            

Craig Whewell, Healthcare Assistant, Haematology
For your contagious smile, even in busy and difficult situations                                                                               

Sarah Woods, Junior Sister, Pre-Assessment Unit
For being outstanding in your job and a role model to your department                                                                               

Fiona Woolcock, Personal Assistant, Clinical Oncology
For making stressful days easier and supporting your colleagues