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You Made a Difference - January 2024

A senior radiographer who uses his excellent technical knowledge to improve his department and an 18 week pathway tracker who went over and above to assist with CUH’s Diwali celebrations are our winners of the January You Made a Difference awards.

David Biddle in green scrubs
David Biddle, senior radiographer

David has worked in our CT department since 2009 as a neuro radiographer and in 2022 he joined the Body CT Team as a senior radiographer. A Computerised Tomography (CT) scan uses x-rays and a computer to create detailed images of the inside of your body.

David has excellent technical knowledge which he puts to great use to aid and support the department and his colleagues. He has helped in many areas of CT such as assisting with the set up and maintenance of technical parameters on the CT scanners.

David has been an Epic (electronic patient record system) super-user since its installation 10 years ago. He has made numerous improvements to the way CT interacts with Epic and is continually looking to improve workflows.

This leads nicely to David’s You Made a Difference Award and his tireless efforts to turn the department paperless. This has been no mean feat. A lot of the processes were born of a time before computers became so pivotal, so David has also had to work on the human factor of change!

David is always approachable and willing to help. He has an above and beyond attitude to his work and will often come in on a day off to complete a task.

David Biddle holding his 'You Made a Difference' award certificate with his colleagues surrounding him
David Biddle and colleagues

David is a well-liked member of the CT team - he also bakes a mean carrot cake! He really does strive for the best and is the ultimate perfectionist.

Extracts from David’s nomination, submitted by a colleague, said:

“David has been instrumental in enabling the CT Department to go paperless. Prior to his input all CT referrals would be printed. As a department we were reliant on paper requests.

“David has worked very hard with various teams including eHospital, radiographers, radiologists and administration to ensure that transitioning to a paperless system has been safe.

“This was not an easy change to implement, taking over a year. However, all obstacles that arose during this process were thoughtfully and effectively tackled.

Now that this change has been implemented there has been an obvious increase in productivity and safety to patients.

“Further, there is the environmental and financial impact of no longer printing approximately 200+ sheets of paper a day! We would like David's above and beyond attitude to seeing this project through to be recognised.”

Raju Chinighalla at a computer screen displaying the 'Epic' application
Raju Chinighalla, 18 Week Pathway Tracker

Raju began his role within the Neurology Department in August 2022 as the 18 Week Pathway Tracker. His role is to track patients across their “Referral to Treatment Pathway” and ensure potential breaches of waiting time targets are avoided or escalated to the relevant clinical staff or manager.

Raju is a hard working person and is always setting the bar high for himself.

Raju is very supportive to everyone and deals with all matters in professional manner. He is a great asset to the Neurology Team.

Extracts from Raju’s nomination, submitted by a colleague, said:

“Raju is a wonderful example of someone going over and above their usual duties for #TeamCUH. Back in 2022, Raju attended our first ever staff Diwali celebration event. During this event we talked to our guests and asked if they would like to be involved in future planning for Diwali 2023 - Raju stepped up with no hesitation.

“In early 2023 and throughout the year, Raju joined planning meetings to help shape and advise what a CUH Diwali celebration could look like, and provided us with valuable insights and ideas about how we could provide a memorable event for our staff.

“Raju spent his own time helping us to reach out to local community contacts and businesses and arranged for dancers from the Sanskruti Dance Company to perform at the event.

“Thanks to Raju, we had members from the local community come to the event and talk to staff about Diwali, what it means to the community and the importance of this celebration.

With Raju's invaluable help we were able to provide a true festival of celebration, thanks and joy for our staff. Over 600 members of the CUH community attended the event.

“Thank you, Raju, it was an absolute pleasure to work alongside you on this project, and thank you for taking time away from your extremely busy job to help deliver this project for our CUH colleagues.”

Raju Chinighalla holding his 'You Made a Difference' award certificate with his colleagues around him
Raju Chinighalla and colleagues

Our YMAD awards reward and recognise both individual staff members and whole teams in the CUH family who have gone above and beyond, both in patient facing and non-patient facing roles. Anyone can make a nomination: staff, patients and visitors.

You can submit a nomination via the form on the CUH website by clicking here.