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Trust celebrates Care Friendly Award

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been awarded a Carer Friendly Tick Award for employers.

Celebrating the Carer Friendly Award
Winning team - CUH's Monica Jacot, Kate Homan and Lily Martin with the certificates

It was awarded by the Caring Together Charity, which supports to carers of all ages across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Norfolk, with information, advice and services to help with their role.

The award is great news for both the employer and staff with almost one quarter of over 11,000 staff at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust having some type of caring responsibilities outside of work. This category of the Carer Friendly Tick Award recognises employers that identify and support staff who are also looking after a family member or friend.

Combining work and caring for someone can be challenging but the right support means people are much more able to do this, which helps both the employer and their employees.

Cambridge University Hospital’s Staff Carers Working Group said: " Around 24 per cent of our staff have reported that they have caring responsibilities outside work.

Balancing work and personal life was agreed by CUH as part of the wider NHS People Promise work strand and the Trust wants to do all it can to support these staff and prioritise wellbeing.

Caring takes its toll emotionally and physically, and we applied for the Carer Friendly Tick Award in order to assure current and future staff that CUH is a compassionate, supportive and flexible employer and that managers are carer aware and will do their best to support their team members who care.

Cambridge University Hospital’s Staff Carers Working Group

The Caring Together Charity says there are still many people across the area who are combining work and caring, but who do not recognise that they are unpaid carers, or realise that there is support available when they looking after a family member or friend.

Jill Nooij, the charity's carer awareness and voice coordinator said:

Cambridge University Hospitals are one of the largest employers in Cambridge. It’s fantastic to see it recognised for its commitment to identifying and supporting carers in its workforce. One in every nine employees juggle work and caring.

Jill Nooij

She added that working for a carer friendly employer can make a huge difference to the life of an unpaid carer. With the Carers Leave Act in force, employers such as Cambridge University Hospital are in a strong position to ensure they are doing the very best they can to support their employees.