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Cambridge University Hospitals top in the Eastern region for research activity

21 October 2015
CUH is top in the Eastern region and has made the UK’s top ten NHS organisations for research-activity, according to the National Institute for Health Research’s (NIHR) League Tables published today.

The Trust managed to recruit nearly 10,000 participants (9,723) to 358 clinical research studies over the 2014-15 year, with a 2% increase in the number of trials offered to patients compared to the previous results period. CUH, which includes Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie Hospital, sits ninth on the league tables in the whole of the UK for the last financial year.

The NIHR League Tables are published annually by the Guardian Media Group using data provided by the National Institute of Health Research and they give a detailed picture of which NHS Trusts are leading the way in delivering clinical research opportunities for patients. One such research study currently being carried out at CUH is the EVRA (Early Venous Reflux Ablation) Ulcer Trial which investigates the impact of altered timing of standard treatments for varicose veins using modern keyhole techniques.


Andre Feaviour, a patient who recently took part in the EVRA trial at CUH, says, “I’m extremely grateful to the Addenbrooke’s team, they were wonderful. I think the main thing about taking part is that it’s allowed me to continue working. If the condition hadn’t improved I’d most probably have had to make a decision to give up work. 

“I hope people can be reassured by the experiences of people like me who have now had the procedure, and taken part in research. Maybe more people would get involved in trials, not just cardiovascular, but other trials as well. It’s so important."

John Bradley, consultant renal physician and director of research and development at CUH, said: “We are delighted that Cambridge University Hospitals has again been named as one of the leading hospitals in the country for clinical research activity. Clinical research is the key to informing how we improve patient care. Our research by world-leading clinical scientists is translating ground-breaking scientific discoveries into new and better treatments for patients, locally and globally.

“One of the keys to our success is our track record in working in partnership with the university, research councils, research charities and industry. The relocation of AztraZeneca’s new Global R&D Centre and the new Papworth Hospital to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus will enhance even further our collaborative approach to research.”

Fiona Durban, Chief Operating Officer for the NIHR’s Clinical Research Network in the Eastern region, said: “Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s research achievements in the last year are an indication of their commitment to patient centred research across the whole clinical pathway. The partnership between the network, clinical teams and research and development team continues to effectively open more studies allowing increased access to research for patients. It is great news to see this national recognition for all their hard work”

Developing a research-active culture can bring a host of benefits for patients, clinicians and the NHS, driving innovation, giving rise to better and more cost-effective treatments, and creating opportunities for staff development. Growing evidence also suggests that NHS organisations that are research-active appear to do better in overall performance.