Space-age scanner offers lifesaving help to critical care patients at Addenbrooke’s

09 July 2019
Life-saving scans for very sick patients on Addenbrooke’s neuro critical care unit can now be delivered at their bedside, thanks to the purchase of the first mobile CT scanner of its kind in Europe.

OmniTom 007 ScannerThe OmniTom – which has the serial number 007 because it is only the seventh to be built in the world – has been brought in to scan patients suffering from a stroke, brain injury or trauma.

The OmniTom uses the same robotic technology used by exploration rovers when they landed on Mars. This enables scans to be taken at the bedside of patients who are being ventilated, rather than risk transporting them elsewhere in the hospital.

Gareth Wright, senior neuroradiographer, said: “We’re delighted with the machine. It allows us to carry out potentially lifesaving diagnostic scans on patients who may be too unstable to leave the critical care environment.”

The hospital is exploring the possibility of using the equipment to aid complex neurosurgical procedures.