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New Year's Day babies at the Rosie

04 January 2016
Saira Jaman was the first Cambridge baby of 2016. She "came out crying, calling, looking" at 1.05am, according to her dad Shahidu.





Saira weighed 6lb 9 1/2oz when she was born at the Rosie. Her mum Trisha said she was looking forward to introducing their baby girl to her little brother Sarim .

Jasmine Jack Toft Garner was born at the Rosie at 1.45am, weighing 9lbs. Her dad Dagan Garner said that her unusual middle name was a tribute to an older brother who had sadly passed away. The couple have a total of eight children, with Jasmine being their fourth together, and Dagan said he was looking forward to getting Emma and Jasmine home "as soon as possible".





Scientists Lida Derevnina and Samuel Failor were certain their daughter would arrive on a special day – as she was due on Christmas.  At 9.56am Lida gave birth to a yet unnamed baby girl, who weighed 7lb 9oz.  "It's pretty exciting," said Lida.