You Made a Difference: September 2009

18 June 2010
The awards are as popular as ever: this month, 49 staff were nominated.

James Warren, IT Support Engineer

Dr Archer with IT support engineer James WarrenJames has been employed with the Trust for around 18 months and was nominated for this award by his manager, Peter Looper, following his work in dealing with the Conficker virus. Dozens of IT department colleagues watched Dr Mary Archer present him with the award, which also acknowledged his "habitual dedication and skill".

"The reason I nominate James," said Peter, "is that none of the vital work he did is part of his job description or role, and that he did this in his own time for the benefit of the Trust. James has made a very significant difference that has enabled IT to keep the Trust working throughout the virus outbreak."

Dr Mary Archer, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust chairman, said: "The You Made a Difference panel unanimously agreed that James should be one of our September winners. Yours is not one of the easiest jobs, partly due to the technical challenges and partly because you only hear from customers when something isn't right.

"We have a very complex IT system, with competing investment priorities, and you and your department have transformed the information available to clinicians and the Trust - and as for email, I can't imagine what we ever did without it. Congratulations and thank you for your hard work and achievements."

Victoria Ebsworth, Dietetic Assistant, Nutrition and Dietetics 

Caroline Heyes, dietetic services manager, described how Vicky has been working with the patient environment team on a photo menu for elderly patients and improving other displays for patient catering: "It was a new role, which Vicki took to like a duck to water, working with Helen Davis across the Trust. It has been great and has really made a difference to patients."

Victoria Ebsworth with the Chairman Mary Archer Victoria received two nominations for her work on the DME photo menus. Comments included:

  • "Vicki has consistently given more and more to her job role as a Dietetic Assistant since she started with us two years ago."
  • "The amount of effort and time she has put into this project and the enthusiasm with which she has done it cannot pass by without being officially recognised."
  • "This menu will be an invaluable tool for those elderly patients who may find it difficult to read the conventional menu booklet."
  • "This is just an example of Vicki's dedication and enthusiasm she has brought to her role and our department as a whole."

Dr Archer added: "As a mealtime volunteer I can see how important this is to people's wellbeing: nice food, well-presented, makes such a difference to patient experience. Food is one of the great pleasures of life, and an important part of the healing process. Photo menus are one of the excellent tools by which we present our food to our patients."

The other nominees were:

Ricky Alcantara, Staff Nurse, M4
For good communication skills towards a patient

Jo Anderson, TPN Specialist Nurse, Clinical Nutrition
For providing excellent support, advice and care to a patient and her mother

Adil Aslam, Consultant, Paediatric Surgery (two nominations)
For greatly improving the quality of a child's life and for explaining everything in detail, every step of the way

Daniela Atudosie, Staff Nurse, F4
For listening to the needs of a patient's family and allowing their relative some dignity

Denise Bristow, Staff Nurse, C4
For making a patient's relative feel welcome

Maria Carvalho, Administrator, K2
For always having a smile, no matter how busy things are

Emergency Dept
For treating a patient with the utmost care, respect and dignity

Dr Forouhi, Surgeon, Cambridge Breast Unit
For being gentle and reassuring

Amy Francis, Clinical Practice Assessor, The Learning Centre
For being approachable and kind when help is needed

Linda French, HCA, Lewin Stroke & Rehab Unit
For excellent patient care

Rupert Gates, Staff Nurse, F4
For treating a patient with a kind, compassionate and gentle manner

Sarah Goodman, HCA, C10
For being a very willing and helpful member of staff

June Harding, Ultrasonographer, x-ray
For being friendly, kind, knowledgeable and professional

Kornelia Hathaway, Education & Training Manager, Wellcome Trust
For organising a highly successful national Clinical Research Facilities conference

Dr Heuschkel, Consultant, Paediatrics (two nominations)
For listening to the parents of a patient to ensure the best possible care

Deborah Holland, TYA Nurse Specialist, Oncology 
For always making time for a patient

Saad Idris, Senior House Officer, Hepatology
For recognising the symptoms of meningitis and acting quickly to ensure the patient received the best possible outcome

Isla Kuhn, Librarian, Clinical School Library
For being welcoming, patient and helpful

Helen Lawrence, TPN Specialist Nurse, Clinical Nutrition
For providing excellent support, advice and care to a patient and her mother

Elizabeth Malubay, HCA, M5 (receiving four nominations)
For being kind, caring and genuinely interested in the well-being of all patients and for being a credit to the ward

Jill Matthews, Physician's Assistant, C10 & D6
For always being helpful and willing to lend a hand

Ellen Neale, Ultrasonographer, X-Ray 
For being professional and knowledgeable, giving a patient confidence in the quality and thoroughness of the procedure being carried out

Margaret Ngundu, Pre-op nurse, Pre-op Dept
For being efficient and patient so that a patient understood what was happening to them, making them feel cared for

Louise Norman, Staff Nurse, Daphne Ward 
For offering support and reassurance to a patient when they were feeling particularly vulnerable

Ronan Parkhill, ODP, JF Intensive Care
For making a big difference to the quality of care that ICU patients receive by working hard and always being helpful

Beryl Power, Receptionist, Clinic 9
For treating a patient with courtesy and welcoming them with a smile

Katrina Quinn, Ward Manager, MSEU
For consistent support, encouragement and guidance towards her staff

Lorna Rees, Therapy Radiographer, Oncology
For being helpful and putting a patient at ease

Lynn Russell, TPN Specialist Nurse, Clinical Nutrition
For providing excellent support, advice and care to a patient and her mother

Avijit Saha, Housekeeper, A3
For always working to a high level

Saeed Sheikh, Staff Nurse, C8
For being professional, caring and extremely helpful towards a patient and her family

Pauline Smith, Senior Nurse, Clinic 1
For being efficient, knowledgeable and helpful to a patient

Gemma Starling, Play Specialist, F2
For being a credit to F2 through the care and attention given to the children being treated

Nina Symington, Staff Nurse, PICU
For a caring nature and putting a parent at ease

Renny Talbot, Chief Technologist, Clinic 8, Maxillofacial Laboratory 
For superb care and engineering skills to assist a patient

Maggie Thomson, Staff Nurse, G6
For working hard without grumbling

Melissa Thorne, Clinic Receptionist, Clinic 1A
For treating both colleagues and patients with the utmost respect

Christopher Westall, Specialty Registrar, ICU/A&E (two nominations)
For explaining everything clearly and for being a very caring person, also for reassuring a patient and putting them at ease