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Fertility nurse Jennie in national spotlight

03 November 2017
A fertility expert from a top Cambridge NHS clinic will this weekend (4 and 5 November) address a national information event for couples dreaming of starting a family.

Lead fertility nurse specialist Jennie Rollason, from Cambridge IVF, will be among a panel of three senior nurses who will take questions – submitted from the floor and anonymously – at the Fertility Show at London Olympia.

Jennie, who was invited by the Senior Infertility Nurses Group, is preparing herself for a wide range of questions from 2.30pm on Saturday– including those about cuts to NHS funded treatment.

She is expected to warn against the dangers of so-called ‘fertility tourism’, where couples go abroad for help, but are unaware of the risks in countries where treatments go unregulated.

Dangers down the line can range from sick infants to unviable or multiple pregnancies, leaving couples with tough decisions, difficult follow-up treatments, and the NHS picking up the bill.

The show is expected to attract up to 5000 visitors and marks the conclusion of National Fertility week between 30 October and 5 November. It also follows the 40th anniversary of the conception of the world’s first IVF baby Louise Joy Brown, on 31 October.

To celebrate Cambridge IVF, which is part of Cambridge University Hospitals, will have a stand at the show and it is holding a free ‘Fitness for Fertility’ programme at its clinic in Kefford House, Maris Lane, Trumpington on 9, 15, 23 and 30 November.

The programme will cover topics ranging from pre-conception advice to dealing with the emotional impact of trying for a baby. In additional to the practical advice, the clinic is supporting couples with discounts on a wide range of its treatments.

Jennie said: “Although it will be slightly nerve-wracking to address so many people I feel very proud to have the opportunity to represent Cambridge IVF, which has an outstanding reputation and excellent success rates.

“The issue of fertility tourism is bound to come up and while there are overseas clinics that offer high standards, there are many which don’t. Often they fail to counsel patients about the risks and benefits of treatment and especially about having more than one embryo transferred.”

For more information on Cambridge IVF, which is part of the Rosie and Addenbrooke’s hospitals, visit http://www.cambridge-ivf.org.uk/. To book on the free Fitness for Fertility Programme visit www.fitness4fertility.eventbrite.co.uk