Child of Mine Channel 4 documentary

08 October 2018
Our specialist fetal medicine and maternity bereavement services are featured in the Channel 4 documentary ‘Child of Mine’ broadcast on Thursday 18 October at 22:00

Filmed partly at the Rosie Hospital, the programme follows three couples and their unfolding stories of hope, love and also tragic loss.

The film raises awareness of an issue that is still taboo for many and highlights the importance of the support that we can offer to families in our specialist service. We would like to thank Vicky and Bruce who were users of our services for taking the brave step to be featured in this film.

The subject matter of Child of Mine may have affected you or a member of your family. Anyone who is struggling to deal with the impact of stillbirth is encouraged to seek support. The contact details below are for our own bereavement service and a charity working in this area.

Rosie Specialist Maternity Bereavement Service
01223 217619

Petals – counselling for trauma or loss during pregnancy or birth
Visit the Petals website

For further sources of information please visit the website of the documentary makers True Vision:
Child of mine (True Vision website)