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‘C10 United’ win You Made a Difference team award

04 October 2017
Ward C10 were the deserved winners of the quarterly You Made a Difference team award after finishing “top of the league” out of 34 nominations.

Anne Green, ward manager, was quick to praise the teamwork on C10 that won them the award, equating it to a successful football team. 

“One of the things that pleases me most is when people refer to our ward as 'your team', because that is most certainly what we are - a team I'm so proud of,” said Anne. 

CEO Roland Sinker (left) and Chairman Mike More with the You Made a Difference team winners, C10“All sorts of team analogies spring to mind when I think of C10's team and I find the most obvious is football!  Not the unlimited funds, overpaid superstars of today, but the days when talent was nurtured, developed and moulded into a team ethos driven by the desire to succeed., 

“For my part I am proud and privileged to have been the Senior Sister of this wonderful team for the past 12 years.  My dearest wish is long after we've all moved on (or retired), the ethos that is 'C10 United' lives on.” 

An extract of one of the winning nominations said: “home away from home”, since my husband was first treated there in January this year. The staff are professional and we trust them completely. 

“Alongside this professionalism is a wonderful personable touch that makes a stressful time much easier to cope with, they really care, we would love to see them honoured, thank you C10”

Ward C10 care for people undergoing investigations and treatment of disorders affecting the blood or bone marrow they always ensure you and your family to feel well informed and understand what is happening.

The other nominations for September 2017 were:      

Cambridge Health at Work, All Staff
For showing kindness, professionalism and understanding                  

CAU (Cancer Assessment Unit) - Nursing Staff
For always making time for patients on a busy Unit                  

CAU (Cancer Assessment Unit) - Emma Saynor, Tiago Verissimo, Grainne McGeough, Sarah Ryley
For your quick reaction as a team to emergency situations                  

Clinic 2A, All Staff
For always ensuring your patients are kept up-to-date with progress on their care                  

CT Radiology - All Reception staff
For always going above and beyond to accommodate requests            

Day Surgery Unit (ATC), All Staff
For ensuring your patients are fully informed of all aspects of their care and putting patients at ease                

EAU 3, All Staff   x4 nominations
For always helping your patients, ensuring they know all aspects of their care                          

EAU 3 - Jennifer Bowles and Lisa Davidson 
For always helping your patients, ensuring they know all aspects of their care,                  

Emergency Department - Anna McNeela, Lorraine Augustus, Jess Lilley
For supporting your colleagues wellbeing ,                  

Estates & Facilities - Andrew Turner & Team
For your fundraising and kind donation to Ward F6                 

Haemophilia Centre (Clinic 42) - Consultants, Nurses, Admin team, Scientists
For supporting patients through diagnosis and providing prompt treatment when needed              

JVF ICU, All Nurses
For your constant teamwork and professionalism                  

Learning & Development, All Staff 
For ensuring new team members are included and welcomed                

Lung function Team, Clinical Respiratory Physiologists
For the dedication to your colleagues and patients despite immense pressure    

PRIME Team (Pre-operative assessment) - Consultant Geriatricians, Anaesthetists and Therapists, Multidisciplinary Surgery
For producing a high quality clinic of excellent clinicians,                  

OPAT - Ward G2 - Filipa Mendes, Lina Bakaite, Emma Nash 
For your excellent organised and welcoming service to patients                

Pharmacy/ Microbiology Team - Reem Santos, Kathryn Couzens, Mark Leamon, Ben Hespin, Mary Goldsmith, Michael Murphy, David Enoch 
for your hard work as a team to promptly disseminate and update staff on critical information                  

PICU, All Staff 
For your dedication and knowledge                  

Pre-operative Department, Jane Boreham and Chinga Chileshe
For being diligent in ensuring high quality staff support                 

Security, All Staff
For supporting your colleagues in challenging situations                   

Transplant Unit F5/G5, Transplant Pharmacy Team
For having a large role to play in ensuring the smooth running of the service

Urodynamics - Helen Overton and Jenny Barker
For always taking your patients concerns into consideration                  

Ward A4, All Staff
For working together when difficult situations arise                 

Ward A5, All Staff 
For your exceptional team work in all circumstances                 

Ward C4, Nursing Staff
For your understanding and care towards all your patients                  

Ward C9, All Staff 
For your fantastic care and support to patients and their families                  

Ward D8 - Blanche Cardona, Evielina Snezkoe, Nathalie Gibbins 
For your thorough, caring work                  

Ward E10- Haematology Day Unit, All Staff
For exemplary treatment in all conditions                  

Ward L5, All Staff 
For promoting family-centred holistic care and respecting patient wishes              

Ward M4, All Staff
For giving your patients strength with your support and help