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Organ donation- the gift of life given with love

Donated organs can save or transform lives of many recipients.

Examining breast biopsy

Cambridge Breast Unit: helping women get their lives back on track

We visited Cambridge breast Unit to find out more about the disease and treatment options.

Grace Mills, HCA in PSSU

Healthcare assistants: comfort for patients, support for staff

Healthcare assistants play a vital role in patients care. This is a very busy role as healthcare assistants are integral members of ward staff.

Providing specialist care to elderly patients

Recognising the needs of elderly patients

As the population is ageing hospitals face a real challenge with more elderly patients coming through the doors. In Addenbrooke’s a specialist team was set up to address the needs of these patients.

Helen Chittock and Joy Bray

Throwing light on mental health issues

Mental health is the subject that people find difficult to talk about. It is estimated that 1 in 4 of the population have mental health problems at some time in their lives.

Consultant Mr Gnanapragasam with Mr Beaman

New robot for prostate cancer surgery

A new Da Vinci robot has replaced the model which has already been used for over 1,000 cancer operations.

Fitness area in outpatients physiotherapy

Physiotherapists: giving patients back their independence

Physiotherapy department in Addenbrooke's is divided between outpatients and inpatients.

Dr Abrahams with patient Patricia Gentle

Pain clinic: helping patients live with chronic pain

The Department of Pain Medicine at Addenbrooke's was established in 1985 and currently has four consultants in pain medicine along with a team of specialist nurses.

Tool box

Maintenance team keeps hospital running 24/7

As patient safety is the priority for the Trust, the maintenance service is essential to keep the hospital functioning all the time.

Sample handling

'Gene reading' - powerful tool in the fight against debilitating diseases

In the busy department of Clinical genetics we met with Ann Kershaw, consultant genetic counsellor, and Dr Geoff Woods, honorary consultant clinical geneticist to see what is involved in their daily routine.

Sonographer Marites Cross in scanning room

Rosie ultrasound: a commitment to quality

The Rosie ultrasound department runs a low risk obstetrics ultrasound service. Every pregnant woman who is booked to deliver at the Rosie is offered two scans as part of her routine care.

Seek help ‘FASTER’ in event of a ‘mini stroke’

Addenbrooke’s is encouraging people to seek medical advice immediately when they have one of the symptoms of a transient ischaemic attack (TIA), or ‘mini stroke’.

Visitors from Princess Marina Hospital, Botswana

Sharing skills and experience to improve global health

Addenbrooke's Abroad is dedicated to supporting glober health, by enabling our staff and students to share their skills and experience around the world.

The Audiology and Emmeline Centre staff treat patients with hearing difficulties

Helping patients with hearing difficulties to keep going

The Audiology department at Addenbrooke's is in high demand as the size of ageing population increases.

Robot ‘surgeon’ performs 1000 prostate operations at Addenbrooke’s

Robotic surgery at Addenbrooke's has helped 1000 men to receive the best cancer treatment, a record in the NHS.