Neuro-oncology (the brain tumour unit)

The neuro-oncology unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital offers specialist care and support to patients who have been diagnosed with brain or spinal tumours.
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Ingela Oberg

Clinical Specialist Nurse in Neuro Oncology (Brain Tumour Unit)
Ingela Oberg

Knowing that we have done everything we can to help patients come to terms with their diagnosis is very rewarding. 

When you are first referred to the service, there will probably be lots of questions you will want to ask. You will be offered an appointment with a consultant and specialist nurse, who will explain the results of any tests you have had and look at images taken during your scans. You will also talk through your options and the likely outcome of different treatments, which can include radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Lots of people find it helpful to bring a family member or friend with them to their appointments, as there will be lots of information to take in.

Surgical clinics are held every Thursday afternoon where staff will see new referrals, follow up patients and those who are coming to collect their results after they have had surgery. The team will continue to care for you from your initial referral until you have completed your treatment and been discharged.