What is a Foundation Trust?

As a Foundation Trust, we are a membership organisation free from central government control. We are still an integral part of the NHS, carefully regulated and offering free care, based on need and not ability to pay.

As a Foundation Trust, we have to deliver on national targets and standards, but are free to decide how we achieve this. 

If we make a surplus, we are allowed to retain this to invest in improving our services and infrastructure. We have more freedom to borrow for capital projects like new buildings. 

We are accountable to:

  • our local community through our members and governors
  • the health commissioners who pay for our work
  • Parliament - each year we submit our annual report for scrutiny
  • the Care Quality Commission who inspect the standard of the care we offer
  • NHS Improvement

If you wish to take an active role in our Trust, why not join our membership?

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Constitution - Cambridge University Hospitals

As an NHS foundation trust we have our own constitution which sets out our role, responsibilities, principles and governance arrangements.

Our constitution also includes information on who can be a member and how you join, how many governors we can have, how they are elected, how many directors we can have, how they are appointed, as well as other rules about preparing reports and accounting for our performance.

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