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Membership FAQs

Some frequently asked questions regarding Foundation Trust membership.

How much does membership cost?

The Foundation Trust membership is free of charge.

What are the Foundation Trust Membership constituencies?

The three membership constituencies are:

  • Patient members: anyone who is a patient or has been a patient of the Trust at any time in the past is eligible, regardless of their home address. Carers are also eligible to join this constituency.
  • Public members: individuals must live within the public membership area.
  • Staff members: employees are automatically enrolled as staff members of the Trust if they are on a permanent or fixed term contract of at least 12 months. Trust volunteers are also automatically staff members. Other individuals providing services to the Trust may apply for staff member by emailing the Foundation Trust Membership Office:

Can I become a member in more than one constituency?

Individuals are allowed to become a member in one constituency only. Individuals who are automatically members of the staff constituency, may opt out of staff membership but are not permitted to opt into membership of another constituency.

How do I found out about events, elections and activities to take part in?

Members receive a monthly newsletter via email, which includes information about our upcoming events, elections and activities.

How can I update my membership contact details?

Patient, public and staff members (only those who have applied to join) should email the Foundation Trust Membership Office: to update membership details.

Do I need to give any notice to opt out?

Members may opt out at any time by emailing the Foundation Trust Membership Office:

What is the difference between members and governors?

Members have an an interest in the health services provided by CUH and have a direct say in how our hospitals can be improved for a better future, which can be done by attending the engagement activities or simply contacting their local governors to feedback. For more information and how you can become a member, visit the Foundation Trust Membership page.

Members elect the majority of the Governors.

Governors provide an important link between the Trust and the population it serves by listening to the views of members who are in their constituency made and holding the Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Board.

How can I contact the governors?

Governors can be contacted via the online form.

How do I become a governor?

Members are invited annually to consider standing for election to become a Governor. For more information on the governor role and standing for election, visit the governor election webpage.