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Cambridge Cancer Hospital

At Cambridge Cancer, our vision is to change the way we detect and treat cancer.

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Rewriting the story of cancer

Cambridge Cancer is uniquely poised to radically transform outcomes for millions of people across the globe. Combining clinical expertise from Addenbrooke's Hospital with cutting-edge research from the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre and Cambridge University, we will literally bring the bench to the bedside. With this combination of world-class expertise at the heart of Cambridge Cancer, we will rewrite the story of cancer.

Our vision

We pay a heavy price for the opportunities we’re missing to prevent cancer, catch it more quickly and precision-engineer treatment for the best results.

The human cost cannot be quantified – unnecessary suffering, fear, lack of hope and time wasted on interventions that won’t work - meanwhile the economic cost of cancer treatments is rising by the year.

I believe we have this at our fingertips: the capacity to extend life and eradicate cancer. But it will take a special place and that place is Cambridge. It will take a special resource and that is Cambridge Cancer.

Richard Gilbertson Head of Oncology, University of Cambridge / Director of Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre

Our new hospital will be situated on Cambridge Biomedical Campus - home to some of the largest and most influential international organisations in life science.

We'll use real-time data from patients actively receiving treatment. Not only to provide personalised precision medicine tailored to their DNA, but to improve care for future generations globally.

In our new 25,000 m2 building, we'll combine modern NHS clinical space with two new research institutes dedicated to fulfilling the ambitions set out in the government's Life Science Strategy and the NHS Long Term Plan. We'll create the optimum environment to deliver ground-breaking results focussing on cancer prevention, early detection and novel treatments.

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