Values & Services


  • To provide, monitor and evaluate a high-quality breast service for all women.
  • To integrate all areas of the service, for example breast screening and management of symptomatic patients.
  • To provide adequate information for all patients.
  • To determine the training and continuing educational needs of all healthcare professionals involved in the delivery of care, and to provide a positive learning environment.
  • To deliver a level of care that conforms to agreed standards and reflects national guidelines.
  • To audit and measure outcomes.
  • To participate in clinical trials.


Our integrated breast service includes:

  • Health promotion: breast awareness as a result of education, publicity campaigns and the NHS Breast Screening Programme
  • Clinical assessment by a general practitioner.
  • Referral to the symptomatic breast clinic.
  • Referral from the breast screening assessment clinic.
  • Referral to the familial breast cancer clinic.
  • Hospital treatment, including surgery and adjuvant therapy.
  • Post-treatment follow-up and continuing care.


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