Mr Charles M Malata
Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

BSc (HB), MB ChB, MRCS LRCP, FRCS(Glasg), FRCS(Plast)


I am a consultant breast reconstruction surgeon who joined the Cambridge Breast Unit in August 1999 after superspecialty fellowships in breast and cosmetic surgery in the USA at Georgetown University Medical Center (Washington, DC) and Emory University Hospital (Atlanta, Georgia). My specialty interests are aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery and reconstructive microvascular surgery. I provide the full spectrum of breast reconstruction and also undertake non-cancer aesthetic breast surgery and correction of breast asymmetry. In addition I provide comprehensive surgical management of gynaecomastia (also known as male breast reduction).

I have an active academic and clinical research programme with over 100 peer-reviewed publications (CMM PubMed). I am a Professor of Academic Plastic Surgery in the Postgraduate Medical Institute of Anglia Ruskin University (Personal Chair). I served as the President of the European Society for Surgical Research 2011-2013 and currently review for a number of scientific journals (JPRAS, Ann Plast Surg, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Int J Surg, JWC and BJS). I sit on the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Surgical Research (ESR). I actively participate in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Over the last 15 years I have been instrumental in modernising the breast reconstructive surgery service at Addenbrookes and pivotal in establishing Addenbrookes as a leading microvascular surgery centre in the UK. In line with this I was recently voted, in a nationwide poll of plastic surgeons, as one of the top 10 breast plastic surgeons in the UK (Daily Mail poll).



Breast and Aesthetic Surgery Fellowships (1998-1999)

Georgetown University Medical Center (Washington, DC)
Suburban Hospital (Bethesda, Maryland)
Emory University Hospital (Atlanta, Georgia)

Career Registrar (’94-’97)

West of Scotland Program, Canniesburn (Glasgow)

Research Registrar (‘91-‘94)

Bradford University Plastic Surgery Research Unit

Plastics SHO (‘90 & ‘94)

St. James’ University Hospital, Leeds
Newcastle Teaching Hospitals (RVI and NGH)

General Surgery (‘86-‘90)

Newcastle University, RVI and Newcastle General
St. James’ University Hospital, Leeds

Medical School (‘77-‘84)

University of Zambia Medical School



Breast reconstruction

I run specialist breast clinics and provide the full spectrum of breast plastic surgery concentrating on immediate and delayed cancer reconstruction. I work closely with the Breast Surgeons attending joint MDT meetings & operating sessions. Every mastectomy patient is offered immediate reconstruction.  I have been active in modernising the Breast Reconstructive Surgery Service at Addenbrookes (see Breast Publications below): 

  • I helped to consolidate immediate breast reconstruction which had just been introduced to the Unit a few months prior to my arrival in 1999. Today every mastectomy patient is offered immediate reconstruction if they so wish.
  • I have developed and demonstrated the efficacy of a new technique (LeJour skin reduction pattern) for mastectomy and reconstruction to optimise cosmetic outcomes in large breasted patients undergoing mastectomy and reconstruction
  • I have introduced to Addenbrooke's techniques designed to reduce patient morbidity (pain, deformity and hospital stay) in free flap breast reconstruction namely total rib preservation and total muscle-sparing DIEP, SIEA and gluteal perforator flaps. 
  • I have worked closely with the breast surgeons to introduce techniques for the reconstruction of partial mastectomy defects (oncoplastic surgery) operating jointly to execute these breast conservation-aesthetic procedures. These reduce the need for mastectomy while optimising the aesthetic results of breast conservation. I have also introduced the use of strattice, acellular dermal matrix, to the Cambridge area thereby widening the indications for implant-based breast reconstructions.
  • With my plastic surgical colleagues we have introduced and refined the technique of lipomodelling of the breast (fat transfer) for various indications mainly post-breast cancer revision surgery especially after radiotherapy.


Microvascular surgery

Free flaps are the highest quality of reconstruction possible but also the most complex and technically challenging operations. I have been pivotal in establishing Addenbrooke’s as one of the leading microvascular surgery centres in the UK, by performing the largest proportion of free flaps each year since my appointment.

I have also diversified the department’s free flap repertoire to better suit patient needs. I thus introduced to Addenbrooke’s a number of new free flaps for breast reconstruction (DIEP, SIEA, SGAP and IGAP perforator flaps and double pedicle abdominal free flaps) ) which had never been performed in the unit prior to my arrival. The same applies to bony (fibula & DCIA), visceral (jejunum) and soft tissue (gracilis & serratus anterior) flaps. I have also popularised the anterolateral thigh and the lateral arm free flaps for chest wall and skull base reconstruction.. I actively participated in the setting up of a fellowship post for training a Reconstructive Microvascular Surgery Fellow that commenced in 2008.

Non-cancer breast surgery:

I also undertake correction of breast asymmetry (congenital, developmental & acquired) and perform breast augmentations, breast reductions and breast lifts at or subsequent to the post-mastectomy breast reconstruction or concomitant with oncoplastic breast conservation surgery. I offer comprehensive surgical treatment of male breast enlargement (Malata Gynaecomastia Webcast at BASO 2010). ). I am a recognised national and international expert on gynaecomastia surgery as evidenced by UK & overseas invitations to lecture and contribute book chapters on male breast reduction. Between 2008-2011 I set up and ran a private Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship to provide registrar-level trainees with intensive training in breast cosmetic surgery for 6-12 month periods.


I pursue an active academic and clinical outcomes research interest and this is undertaken in the context of a busy clinical job. During my career I have undertaken many research studies whose results have been presented at more than 200 international and national scientific meetings.  My publications comprising 15 book chapters, 9 review articles, 91 journal abstracts and over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts (Malata PubMed Link and Google Scholar Citations) are principally on breast reconstruction, cosmetic breast surgery, head and neck surgery, microvascular free flap reconstruction and aesthetic surgery.

My clinical research serves to identify key areas for improvement in patient care and elucidate best practice.

  1. I introduced day case surgery management of gynaecomastia with improved patient outcomes and throughput as it became no longer dependent on bed availability. Patient acceptance and satisfaction have been high as shown in my publications.
  2. My innovative work on total rib preservation during free flap breast reconstruction is a UK first and will lead to reduced postoperative pain, morbidity and hospital stays.