Mr Parto Forouhi
Consultant Breast Surgeon



Mr Forouhi joined Cambridge University Hospitals breast unit in 2004, before joining CUH he worked as a consultant in London. His medical training was at Edinburgh where he became one of the first doctors to be trained as a breast surgeon.

As the unit surgical lead, he has a keen interest in improving surgical quality outcomes. His surgical interests include intraoperative use of ultrasound scan to improve quality in breast conservation surgery, reducing the use of surgical drains and resultant complications through use of innovative surgical techniques, and introducing new technology to improve surgical outcomes. Working closely with his plastic surgery colleagues, Mr Forouhi offers a full range of techniques for better aesthetics of the breast following cancer surgery (also called “Oncoplastic Breast Surgery”)

He is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Cambridge and specialises in teaching communication skills and breast examination skills.  He is a National Quality Assurance reviewer and an External Assessor for the College of Surgeons.