Dr Matthew Wallis
Consultant Radiologist



Matthew joined Cambridge University Hospitals in November 2007 to lead breast imaging research. Previosuly his occupation was a Consultant Radiologist to the Coventry Hospitals and Director of the Warwickshire Solihull & Coventry Breast Screening Service for 19 years. He has also been Clinical Director for Radiology, Clinical Support Services and Quality Assurance Radiologist over his career.  

He has also sat on the prestigous NHS BSP Radiology Quality Assurance committee, The Association of Breast Surgeons Audit group and the National Evaluation group. He is now regularly assisting Public Health England: Screening reviewing working practice and quality assurance. He has also had a long standing interest in European Imaging and was President of the European Society of Breast Imaging 2010 to 2012 and still actively contributes to the committee.


His main objectives are the diagnosis and management of Ductal Carcinoma in-situ, (DCIS) as well as this the development of methods to monitor and audit screening performance. He uses these to identify and optimise good Clinical Practice. This work has been pivotal to standard setting in image quality, radiology and surgery across the world.

He works with the Cambridge Breast Cancer Research Institute, this is to develop new ways of monitoring response to existing treatment and new drugs with the aim of developing personalised treatment for every woman with breast cancer.

He has major grants which include:-

•CRUK to optimise image quality for new digital and computerised techniques with the National Centre of Physics for Mammography in Guilford. (OPTIMAM)

•He is the Chief Investigator for the HTA study, offering alternatives to surgery for patients with Low Risk DCIS (LORIS).

•Philips, this is for the development on new mammography techniques.