Dr Karen McAdam
Consultant Medical Oncologist

Dr Karen McAdam trained in London at the Royal Free Hospital before being appointed as a Consultant Medical Oncologist and Peterborough and Addenbrookes Hospital in May 1998.  She is currently Chairman of the Anglia Cancer Network Chemo Board and member of the Anglia Cancer Network Systemic Anticancer Therapy Group and Breast Site Specific Group.

Dr Karen McAdam has a specialist interest in clinical trials and currently is the clinical lead for a clinical trial unit at Peterborough City Hospital with an excellent portfolio of clinical trials in all stages of breast cancer and is the local Principal investigator for a number of clinical trials at Cambridge University Hospital and Peterborough City Hospital. 

Her main interest in Cambridge is of systemic therapy in the early breast cancer setting both pre and postoperatively.  

Her research commitments as well as NCRN and commercial studies in breast cancer also include colorectal, hepatobiliary cancers and cancers of unknown primary origin.  She is also involved with the Network site specific groups in these specialities and in the Acute Oncology Service at Peterborough City Hospital.