Counselling Service

The Cambridge Breast Unit Team know that a diagnosis of breast cancer can present challenges. We also know that it can be difficult to talk with close family members for whom you want to stay strong.

Sharing your innermost fears with your partner can be very frightening for you and talking to your children and family may be difficult and upsetting. This is why speaking with a professional who is trustworthy and non-judgmental will offer you a space to consider your own concerns.


The Breast Unit provides a free, confidential counselling service. This service is offered by a trained and experienced professional. It offers the opportunity to explore thoughts and feelings, even negative ones, and to aid understanding. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by negative and anxious feelings and talking openly and honestly can help put things into perspective.


Readjusting to life following diagnosis and treatment can be difficult and talking through your concerns may help you make sense of your feelings and of your personal experience. As your hospital appointments lessen there can be a sense of being alone. This service aims to help you readjust and establish a new routine going forward. There may be a lingering concern that your cancer may return or you may feel depressed or anxious about the future. Exploring this with an experienced professional, who is part of the Breast cancer care team, will help.


The experience of Breast cancer may leave you feeling stronger as a person. You may, on the other hand struggle with adjusting to a new body image and intimacy, which may affect your relationship. Sharing your feelings with someone whom you trust will help you look at a way forward to deal with your concerns by working at a pace that suits your individual needs. Each person is different and we take care to work with you in a way that suits you. Setting goals may work well for some people while exploring in-depth feelings is a more appropriate way forward for others.


This is a short term focused service, offering 6 sessions. If you require support going forward and in the longer term we can supply information which you may find helpful.


If you are unsure if this service could help you move forward with your life, please take the opportunity to come and speak with us about our counselling service. We are available and happy to discuss the service we offer with you.


The numbers to call are: 01223 216313/556786



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