Cambridge Breast Cancer Research Unit (CBCRU)

We have extensively used the new facility over the past 5 years. The consultation rooms allow us to see patients who are participating in clinical trials. The Unit also conducts breast imaging studies within clinical trials and the facilities for biopsy and sample collection for research are vital to our efforts in finding better ways of treating breast cancer. Our research has already resulted in better ways of managing breast cancer, including developing the PREDICT tool, available for free in the NHS, and used not just by our Unit but many others in the UK and abroad, to make better decisions about which patients need systemic treatment after completing their breast surgery. Our studies on using a blood test as a liquid biopsy and to monitor response to treatment are pioneering.

Our future plans include:

  • Developing better ways to stage the axilla and hence prevent complications, such as lymphedema.
  • Developing more precise radiotherapy that minimises side-effects.
  • Developing better ways to decide what is the best treatment (personalized cancer medicine)
  • Developing new treatments for the cancers that currently we cannot control