Surgeons (Plastic and Reconstruction)

We work closely with our multi-disciplinary team colleagues to provide a comprehensive and state-of-the-art breast reconstruction service after mastectomy for cancer, prophylactic (risk-reducing) mastectomies and partial mastectomies and therapeutic mammoplasties).  The reconstructions are largely performed in the immediate setting at the time of the mastectomies which are carried out simultaneously by our general breast surgical colleagues. A number of the reconstructions are also undertaken months or years after the mastectomy (delayed breast reconstruction). We offer the full spectrum of reconstructive breast surgery techniques including expander/implant, latissimus dorsi flaps, TRAM flaps, DIEP flaps, SIEA flaps and Gluteal flaps. We have a particularly strong microsurgical breast reconstructive set up which is highly regarded around the UK and abroad. The implant reconstructions are performed with or without acellular dermal matrices (ADM’s namely Strattice™ and Surgimend™) depending on the patient’s reconstructive needs. Patients undergoing lumpectomies, quadrantectomies or partial mastectomies can also undergo immediate partial breast reconstruction with local flap or therapeutic mammaoplasty methods. The treatment of lumpectomy and quadrantectomy defects is sometimes undertaken in a delayed setting.  A significant portion of our work also involves contralateral balancing surgery at the time of or following reconstruction (breast reduction, mastopexy, breast augmentation or augmentation-mastopexy).

We are also involved in the treatment of various congenital breast deformities and surgical management of the enlarged male breast (gynaecomastia). We also provide a general breast plastic surgery service for the treatment of large breasts (breast reduction), breast augmentation and breast lifts where patients meet the criteria stipulated by their clinical commissioning group for treatment on the NHS.

We run weekly outpatient clinics for the preoperative assessment of all breast patients needing plastic surgery and their postoperative follow ups. Our clinics are consultant-led and staffed by a two reconstructive surgery surgical care practitioners (Laura Fopp and Lyndsey Harris). We also have the full complement of trainee specialist registrars, reconstructive surgery fellows and senior house officers.

We also attend the multi-disciplinary team meetings on Monday and Thursday mornings. There is also a dedicated reconstructive breast surgery MDT to discuss such patients. Additionally within the department of plastic surgery we formally constitute the BRAS group (breast reconstructive and aesthetic surgery) group which meets monthly to assess the service we provide, review difficult cases together and formulate appropriate guidelines. We meet the DOH Cancer Targets. We provide breast reconstructions for the wider West Anglia Cancer Network Region including Hinchingbrooke, Peterborough and the West Suffolk Hospitals.

Services provided:

  • Expander and implant reconstructions
  • Latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction: alone or with an implant
  • Abdominal free flaps: DIEP, SIEA, TRAM
  • ADM (Strattice™ & Surgimend™) augmentation of implant reconstructions
  • Partial breast reconstruction with local flaps & therapeutic mammaplasty
  • Gluteal (buttock) perforator flaps: IGAP & SGAP
  • Balancing surgery of the opposite breast after cancer reconstruction: reduction, augmentation, mastopexy, augmentation-mastopexy.
  • Risk-reducing (prophylactic) mastectomies and reconstruction
  • Lipomodelling or lipofilling of the breast: fat transfer to the breast
  • Developmental or acquired breast deformities and breast asymmetry
  • Surgical treatment of enlarged male breasts: gynaecomastia surgery.
  • Nipple reconstructions and nipple tattooing after cancer surgery
  • General breast plastic surgery: reduction, augmentation, lift, etc
Miss Sarah Benyon
Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Mr Michael S Irwin
Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Microsurgeon
Mr Charles M Malata
Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


Nurse Specialists

Laura Fopp

Lyndsey Harris