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Role specific induction

Depending on your job role, you may also be required to attend a specific induction and orientation training programme. If this applies you will have been provided information of either of the following programmes.

During the current period you may see some changes to the training environment. This may be completing more training virtually, being requested to wear a mask in training room and limits on the number of people in any one room to ensure a socially distanced environment.

Qualified Practitioner’s Orientation (QPO)

This programme is for:

  • Registered nurses
  • Midwifes
  • Operating Department Practitioners (ODP)
  • Overseas Nurses awaiting PIN

The QPO starts on your first day with time to undertake the Virtual Corporate Induction Programme, the mandatory e-learning and any additional modules required for your role. This means staff can work at home to undertake these e-learning programmes, The QPO Programme Co-ordinator will send information directly to those joining the programme prior to their start date; this includes start and end times, location and timetable.

Paediatric nurses and midwives do not attend all of the days, staff will be informed by their departments on what they should do on these days/sessions.

The QPO programme has been designed to ensure the Trust complies with Health and Safety Legislation and the Trust mandatory training policy, it will give you the information and knowledge necessary to help you in your job as you start with us. Should you have any specific questions about your orientation programme please contact the Clinical Education Support Team via email:

Clinical Support Staff Induction Programme (CSSIP)

Clinical support staff including Healthcare Support Workers:

  • Healthcare Assistants (HCA)
  • Maternity Care Assistants (MCA)
  • Theatre Support Workers (TSW)
  • Nursing Apprenticeships

Clinical support staff are required to attend the 8 day Clinical Support Staff Induction Programme (CSSIP). The first day will include time to join the Live Online Corporate Induction Welcome Programme on site and there is time later in the programme to complete all the mandatory training required for your role. Staff attending the CSSIP programme should report to the Deakin Centre at 08.15 on the first day of employment. Your programme co-ordinator will send you specific information about this programme closer to your start date.

Should you have any specific questions about your orientation programme please contact the Clinical Care team on 01223 256390 or

If you complete the Core 10 Mandatory training modules in advance of starting, you will receive your time back in lieu during the programme.