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CUH is about people: the people who we care for and the people who make that care possible. Throughout the pandemic our colleagues went to extraordinary lengths to serve our patients and each other, living out our values: Together - Safe, Kind, Excellent.

Our people delivered outstanding care to patients with Covid in uncertain and dangerous circumstances; continued to provide 24/7 emergency care and as much planned care as possible; and led world-leading research that developed the treatments that are enabling society to return to a new normal.

In November 2021 it was our privilege to award the Covid Star to all our colleagues and members of the wider CUH community who had provided us with so much support as a lasting token of gratitude; and we are hosting our first annual CUH Staff Awards later this summer to recognise the continued dedication of our people.

Looking further back, our previous strategy led to some significant achievements:

  • A hugely improved ‘Good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC);
  • Deepening relationships with health and care partners locally and regionally;
  • Delivery of the surge units providing additional bed capacity;
  • Continued expansion of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus with industry and academic partners; and
  • Children’s and Cancer Research hospitals in development with support from the Government.

Looking forward, we have developed this strategy alongside colleagues, patients and partners – and we are excited about the next phase of our journey together. We set out an ambitious agenda for care, teaching and research for the next three years, articulating the next phase of long-standing priorities as we come out of the pandemic, such as:

  • Tackling a huge backlog and long waits for planned care;
  • Providing emergency care to a growing and ageing population;
  • Building a culture of continuously improving outcomes, experience, value and equity;
  • Conducting world-leading research with academic and industry partners; and
  • Ensuring we are sufficiently staffed, and that all our staff feel equally valued and thrive at work and at home.

We also set out opportunities to realise our potential over the next three years:

  • Working more closely with primary, community and social care partners, and using technology, to help patients to stay well at home;
  • Working more closely with other hospitals in our region to increase local access to specialised services;
  • Tackling inequalities in access to, experience of, and outcomes from our services between different patient groups;
  • Delivering major new hospital builds on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus: Cambridge Children’s and Cancer Research hospitals; and
  • Reducing our carbon emissions on the way to NHS net zero to tackle the climate emergency.

We look forward to working with colleagues, patients and partners to deliver this ambitious strategy over the next three years.

Mike More (Chair)
Roland Sinker (Chief Executive)


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