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Dr Andrew Carmichael

Consultant physician with an interest in infectious diseases

I am a consultant in the Infectious Diseases service at CUH.
Andrew Carmichae

Love your enemies

Matthew 5:44

My current role

I am a consultant for inpatient and outpatient services in infectious diseases and general medicine.

I am the clinical lead for the Regional HIV Network, the training programme director for infectious diseases in the East of England, and the lead for the year five clinical medical student teaching in infectious diseases.

Previous history

Before becoming an NHS consultant at CUH in 2003, I was an MRC clinician scientist.

I then became a Lister Institute Research Fellow in the laboratory of Professor Patrick Sissons at the University of Cambridge Department of Medicine. My research interest was the human CD8+ T cell response against HIV and Cytomegalovirus CMV.

Personal interests

I am a Quaker at Jesus Lane Friends Meeting House in Cambridge. When I am not at work, I enjoy playing tennis and learning to speak Bulgarian (my parents-in-law live in Sofia).

Memberships and accreditations

  • I am a member of the British Infection Association and the British HIV Association.
  • I am a trustee of Dhiverse, a local charity for sexual health and HIV.