AHP Consultant Therapeutic Radiographer

MSc Radiotherapy and Oncology – Sheffield Hallam

Diploma of the College of Radiographers – DCR (T)


Bleep 152-489

Ext: 2580

Secretary: Trudi Walton Ext: 6705


Specialty: Radiotherapy for central nervous system tumours


After qualifying as a therapeutic radiographer in 1992 Kate moved to Cambridge and worked on the treatment units.

In 1998 she got the opportunity to specialize in the treatment of patients diagnosed with a tumour of the brain or spinal cord.

Her role includes providing patient information and support, being involved in technical radiotherapy treatment planning and delivery and research and development including active involvement in national clinical trials.  

She also provides education and support for under-graduates, radiographers, medical trainees, other health care professionals and patient groups.

Since 2010 she has developed a special interest in the provision of radiotherapy treatment options for patients diagnosed with a Vestibular Schwannoma. This includes being on the advisory board for the Acoustic and Meningioma Network (AMNET).

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