Before your planned surgery (pre-operative assessment)

Before your planned operation or procedure under anaesthesia (while you're asleep) at Addenbrooke's hospital or the Ely Day Surgery Unit, you must come to the hospital for a pre-operative assessment at least 2 weeks before your surgery.

Please contact the pre-assessment clinic to arrange an appointment.

You can contact them by telephone on 01223 348578, Monday to Friday, between 08:30-18:00. Outside of this time please leave a message, which will be picked up the following working morning. Alternatively, if you are already on site you can come down to the clinic to arrange an appointment

Without a pre-operative assessment your operation cannot not go ahead and will be cancelled. 

Our team will work with you to make sure you are as fit as possible for your surgery, which will help to improve your treatment and recovery afterwards. The appointment involves:

  • taking a medical history 

  • recording current medication - please bring a list of all your prescribed medicines

  • height/weight and blood pressure measurements

  • blood tests and a heart trace recording (ECG), if required

  • urine test

  • a skin swab to test if you're carrying a bacteria (MRSA)

  • planning for what happens when you leave hospital after your procedure

Where are the pre-assessment clinics?

Specialty Location
ALL day surgery procedures Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre, level 2
Ear, nose and throat Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre, level 2
General surgery Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre, level 2
Gynaecology Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre, level 2
Ophthalmology Cambridge Eye Unit , Outpatients level 2
Orthopaedics Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre, level 2
Major plastic and breast surgery Plastics assessment unit, Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre, level 3
Neurosurgery Ward A3, main hospital, level 3

Where is the main pre-assessment clinic?

The main pre-assessment clinic is in the Addenbrookes's Treatment Centre and is well sign posted from each of the hospital's entrances.The pre-assessment clinic is located in day surgery found on the left hand side of the atrium.

Finding us

If you cannot attend your pre-assessment appointment

If you cannot attend for a pre-assessment appointment please let us know by telephoning 01223 348578.

PRIME clinic

If you are aged 65 or over and meet certain referral criteria, you may also be referred for specialist assessment at our PRIME clinic.

You will be seen by a team of consultant physicians, consultant anaesthetists, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists so that we can develop a comprehensive, bespoke plan for your care before, during and after your operation. This is to ensure that you are in the best physical condition for your surgery and are then well prepared for your discharge home.

We recommend that patients bring a friend or relative along to this appointment. Please allow at least 3 hours for this visit. You will be eligible for discounted car parking fees.

If you’ve any queries, please contact the pre-assessment reception team on 01223 348578

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Disabled Go accessibility information

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