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PRIME service


The PRIME clinic (perioperative review informing management of elective surgery) is a multidisciplinary service. The aims of the PRIME service are to get you as fit as possible for your surgery; medically, physically and functionally; reduce the risks of post-operative complications and get you home as soon as possible.

What to expect from your appointment

During your appointment you will be seen jointly by a consultant anaesthetist and consultant physician specialising in care of older people. This will be a medical assessment which may include:

  • A review of any current medical conditions
  • A review your current medications and/or make changes to prepare you for elective surgery
  • Liaise with your GP if required regarding any changes in medications, ongoing investigations or social care needs for yourself and dependants
  • Which anaesthetic is most suitable for you
  • Fitness and risks for surgery
  • Referral for some further tests / investigations if required
  • Liaison with your surgeon regarding PRIME assessment and management of your surgery

You will also be seen jointly by a specialist occupational therapist and specialist physiotherapist. This will include:

  • Discussion / assessment of your current physical and functional ability, your home environment and where you plan to be discharged from hospital
  • Make practical suggestions on environmental changes that may benefit you and your safety at home
  • Assess for and order any adaptive equipment for pre and post-surgery to assist you with your activities of daily living
  • You may be given some exercises to complete as part of your preparation for surgery

The occupational therapist and physiotherapist are also able to refer to community services such as:

  • Falls prevention schemes / exercise groups
  • Community physiotherapy
  • Community occupational therapy

What / who to bring

Please bring with you the completed Pre-Assessment paperwork including details of your home environment, an up to date list of your medications and any other documents you feel may be useful for us to see, for example any letters regarding appointments / results from other hospitals you may have visited recently.

It is also sensible to bring a relative / friend with you. There is often a lot of information discussed and it is always useful to have an extra pair of ears.

You may also find it useful to bring a drink and snack.

Where to find us

The PRIME clinic is situated in satellite clinics across the CUH site. You will be given specific instructions on which clinical area to attend on your PRIME appointment letter.

Your appointment will take approximately 1.5 hours. On arrival, please check in at the reception desk – you will be asked to confirm some details including your hospital number, and date of birth (DOB).

Visitors to PRIME Clinic

The PRIME Clinic welcomes external visitors to clinic from a range of backgrounds. IF you wish to book a visit to observe a clinic, please email the PRIME clinic.

Clinics run every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and alternate Thursday mornings.

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