The glucose tolerance test is performed to screen women at risk of gestational diabetes

Glucose tolerance test

The glucose tolerance test (GTT) is a series of blood tests that are done after a period of not eating. You will be asked to come in to the phlebotomy department after fasting overnight. After an initial blood test you'll then be asked to have a Lucozade® drink and have another two blood tests, one at one hour and another at two hours after the drink. If these results show high levels of glucose you will be offered an appointment with the specialist diabetic team to discuss further care and management, including testing your own blood sugar levels, and dietry advice.

Your midwife will have advised you at booking if you need this test. The test is based on risk assessment and it's done at 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Risks at booking

  • BMI above 30
  • Family history of a relative of diabetes
  • Previous gestational diabetes
  • Age above 40
  • IVF
  • Ethnicity
  • Previous large baby - 4.5kg or above
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