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Gastrografin in CT – use of

Patient information A-Z

This information is for all patients prescribed Gastrografin during CT examinations.

Gastrografin is a contrast medium (dye) which contains iodine. It is used to show clearly on CT scans the area your doctor wants to investigate.

Your doctor has arranged for you to have a CT scan of your abdomen and has prescribed Gastrografin as part of the procedure.

How do I take Gastrografin

  • Please dilute 5ml of Gastrografin in 300ml of water.
  • Take the drinks over the number of days as detailed in your appointment letter.
  • You will also be given more Gastrografin to drink 30 minutes before your scan.

Does Gastrografin have any side effects?

All drugs may cause some side effects. Most people who receive Gastrografin cope well and experience few, if any, side effects. It is important to note any new symptoms after taking Gastrografin and discuss them with the radiographer.

Some people may experience nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, skin rashes and very rarely an anaphylactic/allergic type reaction. If this happens to you stop taking the Gastrografin and contact your GP or CT department.

Can I take other medicines with Gastrografin?

  • Continue to take your regular medication as prescribed by your doctor unless otherwise informed.
  • If you are taking Interleukin-2 or have done so recently please contact the department.

Is there any situation when I shouldn’t take Gastrografin?

  • If you are hypersensitive to iodine
  • If you are, or think you may be, pregnant

If you are subsequently tested for a thyroid disorder always tell your doctor. Gastrografin may make the test or treatment less effective for several weeks.

Where can I obtain further information?

Further information can be obtained from the CT department using the telephone number on your appointment letter.


  • Package Leaflet : Information for the user
  • Gastrografin Solution
  • Bayer PLC

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