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Telephone clinics with nurse specialists in paediatric surgery/ urology - information for parents

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This information leaflet provides information about telephone clinics held by the department of paediatric surgery/ urology at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

What is a telephone clinic?

Telephone clinics are outpatient appointments conducted by telephone. A dedicated time slot on a certain day will be allocated to you, but rather than the appointment taking place at the hospital, it will be carried out over the telephone.

Why has a telephone clinic appointment been suggested for my child?

Patients often need to travel long distances to attend specialist clinics. The clinic focuses on discussion (about progress, medication changes and management planning) rather than a physical examination. Telephone clinics are intended to offer you a more convenient appointment during which health issues can be discussed. As you do not have to come to the hospital, this will save you time and travel.

How does a telephone clinic work?

As with any clinic appointment, you will be sent your clinic date and time in the post. During your allocated time, we ask that you remain close to your telephone and ensure it is not in use. The phone number we ring is entirely your choice but we recommend suggesting a number where you will feel comfortable talking to us and where confidentiality can be maintained as content of discussions may include personal information.

Who from the hospital will call me?

Telephone clinics are held by senior nurses who specialise in your child’s problems. Wherever possible, we will endeavour to ensure that the nurse who undertakes your telephone consultation is the nurse who you met when you attended the hospital.

What if I want others to listen to our consultation?

We will need to hold the consultation with the parent or legal guardian of the child (we will ask you some questions to confirm your child’s details at the beginning of the call) and, in some cases, will also speak to the child. Should you have a speaker phone and wish for others to listen to the consultation that is entirely your choice and decision.

What if I prefer to come to a hospital based clinic?

The choice to attend a hospital based clinic is entirely yours. The telephone clinic is offered as an alternative for you to choose which option suits you best. If you prefer face to face contact, at any given time, you are very welcome to attend hospital outpatient clinics as before.

Will I always be followed up in this manner?

Not necessarily. If your child has no new symptoms or concerns that need action then telephone clinics are ideal. If we need to see your child so that we can undertake a physical examination, tests or investigations, we will ask you to come to the clinic.

What if my child needs a prescription?

As with all clinics, a letter will be sent to your child’s general practitioner (GP) following the telephone clinic. Through this letter, your child’s GP will be informed of any new medications your child needs. We recommend that you contact your GP when you receive your copy of the clinic letter to arrange collection of your child’s prescription.

What if I am not able going to be available at the date and time of the telephone appointment?

If you are going to be unavailable for the scheduled telephone appointments, it is essential that you contact us so we can arrange a different appointment time that is convenient to you and also to allow us to offer the appointment slot to another patient. Please use the clinic 6 telephone number at the end of this leaflet to rearrange your appointment.

What happens if I don’t answer the telephone at the time of my appointment?

If you do not answer the telephone within the first few minutes of your appointment time, this will constitute a Did Not Attend (D.N.A). Your child’s GP will be informed and your child will need re-referral to our service.

Contacts/ Further information

For clinical queries

The clinical nurse specialists, Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 18:00

Tel: 01223 586973

Email the paediatric surgeons

(Please note that emails will only be responded to via phone and not via email to maintain highest standards of confidentiality.)

For appointment enquires including to re-arrange an appointment

Clinic 6 on Tel: 01223 349307

With concerns pertaining to your child’s care

If you, your relatives or your carers are unhappy with any aspect of your care, or the service you receive while you are attending an outpatient clinic or via the telephone clinic, you or they should speak to a member of the nurse specialist team (01223 586973) or the clinic coordinator (01223 256128) as soon as possible. If you feel unable to speak directly to staff, then contact PALS on 01223 216756 or email them, and they will be able to assist you.

We are smoke-free

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the hospital campus. For advice and support in quitting, contact your GP or the free NHS stop smoking helpline on 0800 169 0 169.

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