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Patient information for women who have breast implants

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  • Breast screening by mammography (x-rays) can detect cancer at an early stage and has been shown to reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer.
  • Mammography may be less effective in women with breast implants due to the implants obscuring some of the breast tissue.
  • It is important to tell the Mammographer if you have breast implants because the screening technique may have to be adapted in order to show as much breast tissue as possible on the mammogram.
  • Screening for breast cancer will not check on your implants. If you suspect a problem you will need to inform the Mammographer as mammography may not be the most appropriate test.
  • Taking the mammogram involves pressing the breast between two special plates to hold the breast still to obtain a sharp, clear image. Minimal compression will be applied. There is no evidence that compression has ever ruptured an implant and great care will be taken during the procedure. If you are concerned, please discuss this with the Mammographer. You can stop the examination at any time and withdraw consent.
  • As with all women attending for breast screening, following your mammogram it is important to be aware of the normal appearances of your breasts and report any changes to your GP who can refer you to a breast clinic if required.
  • If you have had a subcutaneous mastectomy with breast implants, it is expected that all the breast tissue has been removed and breast screening by mammography is not appropriate.

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