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NHS hearing aids – problem solving

Patient information A-Z

This leaflet is intended to help hearing aid users, staff and carers in understanding the basics of hearing aid care.

Most NHS hearing aids come in three parts:

  • custom made earmould or open fit ear piece
  • hearing aid, powered by a battery
  • flexible plastic tubing, connecting the hearing aid to the earmould/ open fit dome
An NHS hearing aid
NHS hearing aid

Common problems associated with hearing aids:

No sound

  • check the hearing aid is switched on by pushing the battery drawer closed
  • check that the earmould is not blocked with wax or moisture
  • check the tubing is not kinked or blocked
  • check the battery is in and it is inserted the right way up, and the tab has been removed. If in doubt, replace the battery.

If you have an open fit ear piece

  • check that the tube is not blocked or kinked
  • follow the instruction manual to clean the tube using the cleaning tool provided in your fitting pack.

Hearing aid whistling

  • check mould/open fit ear piece is inserted correctly
  • check mould/open fit ear piece is not too loose or damaged
  • check the tubing is not split
  • check there is no wax/discharge in the ear. If there is, consult your GP for advice
  • If there is still no sound or you have whistling problems, please attend the audiology repair open access clinic.

Contact the Audiology Department 01223 217797 to access the repair clinics for re-tubing and earmould modification. A booked service is running instead of open access due to Covid-19.

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